We’re With You Delaware!!


We want to send all of our love and hope for a full senate passage of marriage equality for gays & lesbians.  We’ve been keeping up with Equality Delaware and the volunteer freedom fighters that have been going door to door, raising awareness and garnering support for the vote tomorrow, May 7, 2013.   Pounding the streets all weekend in Wilmington, Newark, and Middletown, defenders of the constitution were armed with a bag of cell phones so people could call their senators right there on the spot, to pledge their support and have their voices heard.  As it stands right now, 54% of all Delaware residents support marriage equality, and only 37% vowing to vote against equality.

With Representatives Andrea Bennett, Daryl Scott, and Senator Brian Bushweller securely locked in with a supportive vote, all we can do now is cross our fingers and hope the voices of the many will be able to silence the dissent of the few.  We stand with you Delaware. No#11!!




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