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This week the United States and Santa Clause got a shock when Canada announced in an effort to expand its continental shelf in the Atlantic, it would also be assuming ownership of the North Pole.   Canada’s Arctic Minister said, “We are drawing the last lines of Canada, and we are defending our sovereignty.”   Unfortunately, Russia and Denmark are expected to file similar claims to the North Pole.  Interest has sparked in recent years as global warming has opened up new shipping routes and made mining for minerals much easier to exploit.   The race for the North Pole is on, and if Canada wins, instead of saying Ho Ho Ho, Santa will be saying, “It’s time to deliver some presents aye?”

As the majority of the world is mourning the death of Nelson Mandela, the majority of the deaf community was wondering what was up with the ASL interpreter that was communicating with the deaf during Mandela’s internationally televised wake.  While twitter began to light up with people declaring the interpreter was talking gibberish, one word that was discernible was ‘help’.  It’s come to light that the interpreter was having a schizophrenic episode.  He stated that he has been suffering from this very misunderstood illness for many years, and is thankful in this instance he didn’t react violently.  He said that as dignitaries began coming on stage to give their eulogies for Mandela, he began hearing voices and seeing angels flying into the stadium.  Knowing how unpredictable these episodes progress, out of panic he tried to just keep signing, even though he had completely lost focus on what he was doing.  He makes a point to state that many people don’t understand his illness, and will blame him for not being able to maintain himself.  Schizophrenia is a very serious mental illness that is predominantly misunderstood by the public, and since they can be accompanied by extremely violent outbursts, we could be really lucky this didn’t go horribly worse.

House Republicans decided to throw a budget bill into the foray of their declared “do nothing” congress this week when Paul Ryan and Patty Murray released their idea of a budget fix that would end the process of shutting down the government every time a vote was set to decide our yearly budget.  While most Republicans, even those in the Senate, seemed ready to agree to this deal, conservative think tanks were having a field day calling the deal a travesty to the American public before information on the deal was ever released.  Interestingly this has prompted a very public verbal spat between conservative groups like the Heritage foundation and CATO (both of which are on the Douchebag List) and Speaker Boehner who has taken to calling them ridiculous.  It’s always a sad sad day when the puppet himself realizes he has strings.

In a devastating and shocking big giant homophobic step backwards Australia devastated the LGBTQ community this week when it overturned it’s decision to allow same-sex marriages in the Australian Capital Territory known as the ACT.  A week after the law declaring marriage equality was announced, the Federal government filed a petition declaring the law unconstitutional.  Australia’s highest court unanimously agreed with the government.  The 27 couples that legally married the week the law was valid are now declared annulled.  If anyone thinks this will be the last word on the matter, prepare yourself for the LGBTQ community to descend and fight.

The international community was rocked this week by the news of Kim Jung Un’s uncle and former 2nd in command, was publicly executed.  While the uncle was a relative through marriage to Un’s aunt, he was always considered to be the right hand of the communist regime.  Un publicly called his uncle “despicable human scum” that he accuses of trying to overthrow the regime.  In the past several months Un has made the international community very uncomfortable with his barrage of public executions.  Many fear that this latest move is a clear indication of Un’s assumption of sole power to do with his country as he personally wishes, without the input of long respected political advisors.

In religious news, this week U.S. District Judge Larry Burns ruled that the Cross atop the Federal War Memorial in Detroit at Mount Soledad be removed.  He stated that while he doesn’t personally feel the cross breaks the first amendment law, he is willing to rule it be dismantled and removed from the property.  There is the possibility of an appeal within the next 90 days to delay or overturn the ruling.

Science had a glorious victory when NASA’s Hubble telescope spotted water vents on Europa’s southern polar side. The finding on Jupiter’s moon leads scientists to believe there are possibly vast oceans underneath the crust of Europa’s surface.  Many things are needed to sustain life on a planet, the key ingredient being water, which is why this latest discovery has scientists ecstatic about future finds.

TIME magazine announced its Person of the Year for 2013 and it was new Jesuit Pope Francis that graced the cover of the magazine.  While this controversial Pope is not a shocking or unwarranted selection, the people that he was in contention with that made up the top 5 were rather shocking.  2nd place went to Edward Snowden the NSA whistleblower.  This one we could understand, as well as the person that occupied 3rd place, Edith Windsor the gay rights activist that won her case at the Supreme Court which began dismantling DOMA.  Runner ups 4 and 5 leave us baffled.  Bashar Assad came in at number 4 and Teabagger Ted Cruz at number 5.  That’s a long climb from number 5 to the Pope!

While Uruguay is underway to being the first country to legalize the sale, manufacturing, distribution and exportation of marijuana, the New Jersey Assembly also met this week to draft a bill that would expand the state’s medical marijuana laws.  The new expansion would make it legal for patients to buy medical marijuana out of state and bring it across state lines.  While the new law would be historical in allowing the transport of federally declared illegal drugs across state lines, Gov. Christie has vowed to veto the bill as soon as it reaches his desk.  He’s states repeatedly that he will not support any expansion of the state’s medical marijuana laws.  All of this in light of recent reports that Colorado’s recent law to legalize recreational marijuana has brought scores of families with sick children to the state to seek affordable and safe care for their children.

The U.S. was put on notice this week when it was discovered that the recent federal charges that were laid against George Zimmerman for threatening and assaulting his latest girlfriend were dropped and his gun was returned to him.  Once again he is walking the streets legally and armed.  No one is safe.

Word coming out of Gitmo this week was that the U.S. justice system will no longer release information on the hunger strikes continuing at Guantanamo Bay prison.  They state that while the prisoners are free to engage in peaceful protest, they will not further the inmates causes by reporting their numbers.

With millions of Americans devastated by the lack of a vote on the bipartisan desire for comprehensive immigration reform, many more Americans were outraged this week to learn about the findings of the National Immigrate Youth Alliance’s infiltration of a detention center in El Paso, TX.  What they found were case after case of people being cleared for parole or release being illegally held.

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