On To Minnesota & Then On To…

The New Equal Rights movement has really been gathering steam this year.  In the past 6 months, 11 states have gone on to pass legislation giving gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals, with Delaware being the latest just this week.  As a proud member of the LGBTQ Community, I was very touched by Gov Jack Markell when the question was asked why he felt the need to sign the bill immediately, the same day as the vote, rather than in a week or two.  (Speaking to the Gay community) “I will not make you wait a moment longer, you’ve waited long enough.”

With the Delaware victory hangover still slightly lingering, we are looking at Minnesota tomorrow to knock our socks off again.  Minnesota voted on  marriage equality 6 months ago and it was very narrowly voted down.  This go round, legislators are feeling more optimistic.  Our fingers are crossed and our boas are at the ready.

It could all be coming to a screeching halt by the end of May, when Illinois brings its marriage equality bill back up for a vote.  With the impending votes in each state before, there has been a very optimistic projection that the marriage equality bill would pass.  This isn’t the case for Illinois.  Here’s part of why.

Pat Brady, who is the chairmen of the Republican Party, resigned on Tuesday.   Al most 6 months ago, Pat Brady made a statement that said he didn’t believe the government had any right to tell anyone who they could or could not marry.  He’s spent the next several refusing to resign after the members of his party turned on him for showing support to the LGBT plight.  I don’t know if I’m more pissed that the Republican party is full of greedy bigots, or the fact that they have devoted 10 million dollars to help them connect with minorities, when they boot out members of their own party that support minority issues.  I, for one, think the RNC should spend that money on helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy, or use it to help close GitMo. or use it to fix Detroit, or keep the schools open in Philly.  Rather than blow 10 million dollars on something you never have the intention of using.

With Illinois up in the air, and the future of the Republican party looking more and more bleak, all we can do is hope for a non secular party to come charging on the field, and get ready to embrace Minnesota when the step across into the right side of history.



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