The Purge May 12, 2013

The Weekly Purge Report all the news that blew our mind and eventually our stomachs.

The Weekly Purge Report
all the news that blew our mind and eventually our stomachs.
Issue No. 2

New York Lawmen Dropping Like FLies

Another New York Senator has been indicted on charges of embezzlement.  John Sampson, Democrat Senator from Brooklyn, was arrested and charged on Monday with embezzling $440,000, as well as trying to get inside information from the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office about the corporations that were working against his firm, when it was under allegations for fraud, so he could, “take them out”.  When our politicians are waiting in line to either be arrested, or spout their ignorance, we need a massive overhaul of our political system.

Boston Bomber Has Final Resting Place

All week long, government officials have been pulling their hair out trying to find a place to bury the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  No cemetery in Massachusetts would take his body, and the funeral home that received his body after it was released by the police, was picketed and mobbed with angry Bostonians.  After considering burying him in a prison grave yard, or possibly at sea, a woman in Virginia decided that if God told her to love her enemies, she was going to find a burial spot for Tsarnaev, and she did.  A small Islamic community in Caroline County has agreed to receive his remains.  “I can’t pretend it’s not difficult to be reviled and maligned,” Martha Mullen told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday. “But any time you can reach across the divide and work with people that are not like you, that’s what God calls us to do.”

Sexual Assault In The Military Rises All Around

A lot of disturbing things came out this week about the persistent rise in sexual assault in our military, and their ego-drive to victim blame and cover up these illegal actions.  Rape is on the rise with a 37% increase in documented cases of sexual assault reported by both men and women in our military, since 2010, with only a handful more actual prosecutions than in 2010.  A recent study showed that in 2012, 26,ooo women filed sexual assault charges against their fellow military men, most of whom out-rank the women, compared to the 19,000 reported cases filed in 2010.  This case has been used most recently to prove how unAmerican the military court proceedings are in these types of cases, and explains why more violations aren’t reported.   When a claim like this is made, the General of the accused decides whether or not the case is worthy of being heard in court.  IF they do, then THEY get to pick the jury, and in this case, if they don’t like the outcome, they can over-rule it.  When Lt. Col James Wilkerson was accused of sexual assault, when he fondled and digitally penetrated a sleeping house guest in his home with his wife and family, and was convicted by an all male jury, hand selected by his General, Lt. General Craig Franklin, overrode his dismissal from the air force, his mandatory 1 year jail sentence, and his docking of pay.  Don’t be fooled, this wasn’t the only instance of this happening.  Bodies are needed in our military to show presence and numbers, but our military doesn’t respect it’s female members, while this is still allowed to continue.  It’s even more daunting when the news broke that Lt. Col Jeff Krusinski, the leader of the Air Force’s sexual assault and prevention response unit, was being arrested and most likely discharged for sexual assault.  Quit putting MEN in charge of PUNISHING sexual assault please and thank you.

North Carolina Wants Out Of State Students To Vote In Their Own State

And why would you think that is?  Too many liberals in a North Carolina college may swing the state vote, and the good ol’ boys can’t have that happening.  Here’s the problem.  When the Kent State massacre happened in 1970, this little law came out of it saying that the new voting age was now 18, and that students that were in college out of state, could vote at the college they were attending.  With Texas fighting this every step of the way because of an all African American College in it’s boundaries, the SCOTUS decreed trying to block students from voting was unconstitutional.  North Carolina is ignoring that with it’s latest rush to try and pass a bill that would penalize parents up to $2,500, if their child registers to vote at their college, rather than their home state.

One More Thing About The NRA Stand & Be Insane Rally. We Promise

We wouldn’t advise watching the whole video linked above, especially on a full stomach, but we DID want to point out Glenn Beck telling America that the only thing protecting their daughters, wives & mother’s from being raped was guns.  Really.

Forget Legally Purchasing Guns! Now You Can Print Them!

With the debate on whether or not you should be able to print a working gun from your home raging on, it seems as if our country has forgotten we made that illegal back in 1988.  The Republican Messiah, Ronald Reagan actually signed the bill into law in 1988, making it illegal to own, carry, or purchase a plastic gun.  The measure is stated because these guns are undetectable by metal detectors, posing significant concern and risk to the general public.  If you read the bill, it continues to state that it also covers ANY gun that has not been certified by either the Pentagon, or the CIA, so the morons that think they can just insert a piece of metal into a plastic printed gun and make it legal, are incorrect in thinking so.  What’s really great is that we can use the NRA’s “criminals don’t abide by laws”, to circumvent anyone saying we have a law to prevent printed guns, so we don’t need to ban them.

Solitary Confinement: Beyond Cruel & Unusual Punishment

While it’s no shock that our nation’s prison systems are deplorable, most people shrug it off as part of the consequence of breaking the law.  It’s true that our prison’s are here to be a consequence for people that have committed offenses that need to be rectified by a temporary loss of freedom.  Like being grounded for adults.  What our prisons actually are, are inhumane cages where we put addicts and the mentally ill, to be destroyed.  And then released back onto society.  It is coming to light how unjust the prison system works, and how it has become the place where bullies are given Roman control over people that need to be rehabilitated, not destroyed and broken.  We’ve learned about how solitary confinement actually created Awlaki, the first American ordered killed by a drone strike, and how such tactics and treatments break the spirit and breed a hatred that can only be quenched by further and more brutal retaliation.  Shane Bauer, one of three American  hikers that were imprisoned in Iran for two years after crossing the Iranian border from Iraq in 2009.  He said this week that the prison system in America is far worse than in Iran.  Which should baffle and enrage anyone.

Miracle In Ohio & Introducing: Charles Ramsey!!

This week we got to witness the miracle of 3 families, and the shock and anger of the depths of  American violence.  Three kidnapped women in Ohio were rescued and returned to their families.  Amanda Berry, kidnapped April 21, 2003 at the age of 16, Michelle Knight, kidnapped August 23, 2002 at the age of 20, and Gina DeJesus, kidnapped April 2, 2004 at the age of 14, were all found alive in the home of Ariel Castro, a school bus driver in his 50’s.  As more and more information begins to come out about these girls, a severe lack of intelligent police work seems to be revealed, as well as evidence that other girls may have been victims of Castro’s prior to now.  As the girl’s recover and assimilate to freedom and being home, the world & press need to respect their time, and wait for the girls to decide when and if they talk to us.

Border Patrol Agents Killing For Sport?

It came to light this week that in the past two years, Mexico has reported 1o instances in which Border Patrol Agents on the American side of the border, have fired into Mexico without just cause.  6 of these instances resulting in the death of an innocent human being.  Americans keep showing the world that we don’t prosecute people for wrong doings, we don’t even question them, we just fire and assume guilt, and if guilt is found to be absent, we insert it.  It might be easier to believe that our Border Patrol Agents aren’t soulless individuals itching for a chance to blow away a Mexican, if we wouldn’t find instances of when they shoot themselves, and then  try desperately to blame it on the Mexicans.

44% of Republicans Believe Armed Insurrection Necessary Against Govt.

Hello forehead, meet my palm.  Need we say more?

Obama Is Hoarding Bullets! Wait, WTF?

The rally to be ridiculous in Houston that was sponsored by the NRA this month has gotten people all re-amped about the White House buying and storing more bullets than the Bush Administration.  Their conspiracy theory fueled fear has them sounding the warning that if Obama can’t ban the guns, he’ll just buy all the bullets.  Conspiracy theorists always forget to include one major component into their calculations.  Reality.  There are religious & territorial wars going on, as well as marked revolution in many countries.  There’s plenty of reasons we need a much larger supply of bullets than in years past.

13!! The New Gay Dozen

MONUMENTAL week for the LGBTQ Community this week!  Minnesota became the new ‘baker’s dozen’ in a slew of states that have legalized gay marriage across the board.  We landed Rhode Island last week, but this week we got to see TWO states stand on the side of equality, with Minnesota and Delaware passing pro same sex marriage legislation.  These three states join Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Washington, and D.C.  A fourth of the country has taken a step towards equality within the last 6 months.

4th Most Wanted Nazi Criminal Caught In Germany

93 year old Hans Lipschis, was arrested in Aalen Germany for his role in the deaths of millions of Jewish people in the Nazi concentration camps.  Lipschis maintains his innocence, insisting he was only a cook, and not a guard that had duties over the captives, although this is widely debated.  We also came across this load of crap from the Alternative Right through the National Policy Institute that tries to fight the argument that the holocaust may not have actually happened. They also are responsible for releasing the ‘study’ that says that Mexican immigrants are far less intelligent than white people, and that white people are the real oppressed minority around here.

Evidence Of A Super Language?

A new study finds 23 words that have survived since the ice age.

Return Of The Twinkies! Same Recipe, Still Union Free!

That’s right you Hostess lovers!  In less than a month (sometime in July) you will once again be able to indulge in your favorite childhood treat.  The Twinkie.  Hostess had to shut down all of it’s plants last year in November when workers refused to end their strike for higher wages and health care, citing a need for a union.  Hostess refused as long as it could, then decided to sell off all of it’s assets, allowing another company to swoop in and buy the product lock, stock and barrel.  Thus proving the American dream is still alive and working!  If your employees demand fair and equal wages, or a union to monitor your slave labor ways, just go bankrupt and reopen under a different name!

Missouri Teachers: Carry Guns Or Find A New Job!

Missouri jumped on the band wagon to try and pass legislation that would nullify any federal gun laws that are to be enacted anytime in the future.  What made the Missouri bill even more ridiculous than the same unconstitutional bill that Mississippi passed last week, was a provision within the bill that said any teacher that is told to carry a gun at school and refuses, can be fired.  Pre-schoolers could come up with better laws.

Da Plane! Da Plane! Has Drugs? Has Drugs?

It came to light this week that when Fantasy Island ended it’s famous series, the Grumman Widgeon seaplane was sold and quietly forgotten about.  Until it was confiscated in a huge narcotics bust that was bringing in drugs from Columbia into the United States.  It was actually seized in Oklahoma City, which is why the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics released the little tidbit on their facebook page on Monday.

In other plane related news this week, The Solar Impulse, the first 100%  solar powered aircraft completed the first of 5 legs on it’s cross America flight.  It flew from San Francisco, CA to Phoenix, AZ in about 20 hours, flying in day and night conditions.  It’s next stop will be Dallas, TX.

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